Project Linden - The Virtual Clipboard  

The following abstract is about 6 months out of date. I will be updating it soon. Check below for media hits for a more up to date description of Project Linden.

Project Linden is an independent study two of my peers and I are working on this semester. It will be submitted to the Imagine Cup Microsoft programming competition and will be implemented by the Faison Autism center at Virginia Commonwealth University. The application itself is a framework developed in C# with the goal of obtaining observational data on autistic children to better understand this illness and develop ways to treat it. Project Linden helps work toward this goal by providing a Tablet PC application that can easily be used to insert observational data into a centralized database. A reporting application has also been developed to make the process of analyzing this vast amount of data trivial. Retrieving the data from a graph in Excel which used to take 8 hours, can be done in our reporting tool within seconds. More information regarding Project Linden will be posted as our process moves forward.