FrontX ports. Part 2  

You can dissassemble the whole thing, and put it back together how you want it...they look like little scrabble letters don't they :)

Here you can see the mounting holes on the side of the unit - there are two on each side

The unit is installed on the right hand side, in the bottom drive bay, and I've taped the cables together to keep some semblance of order in my case! The unit was a little awkward to screw in, since it didn't seem to be the right width - the holes were about 5mm recessed from the side of the bay they were supposed to mount to. However, the screws provided were long enough to reach anyways, so that only caused a minor inconvinience.

With a nifty bit of tidying work, the cables are barely noticable once installed. However, the one problem I had with the cables were that they were a little to short for comfort. I had to mount the kit in the bottom drivebay of my full-tower (Aopen HX08) because the leads would not reach a mid-tower, you'll be fine, and if you don't mind cables going diagonally across the case, youll be fine, but if you like to tack everything neatly to the side of your case, it'll be a minor hassle.

And this is what the back looks like...sort of. The cables all plug in easily (they're colour coded to normal sound card colours) and are pretty compact at the back. A speaker pass-through cable is provided so the kit and speakers can be plugged in at the same time...I didn't need this, as my speakers plug into the digital out on my sound card.

CPX provide a nice blanking plate for the back, as the cables pass through the PCI plate below (or above if you want) the soundcard (so obviously, you'll need to have that free), and the plate provides a nice gap for them to go through. However, my cables all ended up bunched at the back, due to lack of length, so I didn't use it. However, I've been informed that newer kits come with longer cables, so this should make life easier :)