Thermaltake Crystal  

The "Crystal Orb" is Thermaltake's latest chipset cooler, and represents a replacement/upgrade from their previous model, the "Blue Orb". In contrast to the Blue Orb which was constructed from several pieces of aluminium, spot welded together, the Crystal Orb is made from a single piece of nickel plated copper, pressed into shape. This should make for a more efficient cooler......

For reference, the manufactures specifications are:

Fan dimension: 50x50x15mm
Rated voltage: 12V
Starting voltage: 7V
Rated current: 0.16A (max)
Power input: 1.92W
Fan speed: 5500 RPM
Air pressure: 4.1mm water
Max air flow: 12.4 CFM
Noise: 24.6dB A weighted
Bearing type: Ball
Expected life: 50,000 Hrs
Connector: 3 pin

The Crystal Orb comes packaged in a display box to show off it's shiny goodness.

The box contains everything you should need to to mount the cooler. The kit contains the Crystal Orb, 3 to 4 pin adapter, 2 spring loaded mounting pins, frag tape and thermal transfer compound. (Dow Corning T-340)

Unlike it's predecessor, the Crystal Orb comes fitted with an attractive integral fan guard. The heatsink dimensions are, 54mm diameter and 25mm height.

The base is very flat and smooth, (and shiny), and does not need lapping to work efficiently. Of course lapping would remove the nickel plating.

Unlike the Blorb which, due to the 3 spot welds used in construction has a "crater" in the center of it's base. Lapping is a must before using the Blorb.

The Blorb on the left is straight out the box, the right hand one has been lapped, and is the one I have been using on my GF2 video card.