Open Source Downloads  

Here I'll post up some basic projects I find myself working on. I'm an advocate of open source, so you'll find my packages with full source code as well. To protect idea of free software I distribute all of my code under the GPL. Enjoy!


Eight Queens

The Eight Queens problem is a very common assignment that is a great way to learn recursion. The problem requires you to place 8 different queen pieces on a chess board so that none of them can attack each other following normal chess rules. After I posted my solution in applet form online I was sent dozens of emails asking for the source. Well here you go! Please, if you do use various pieces of this code for class, LEARN THE MATERIAL! You'll only be hurting yourself if you just turn in my code. Remember, the GPL requires you to leave my copyright and the GPL information on every source file.


JPropertyBuilder v1.0

Do you ever get sick of writing hundreds of lines of the same code for your get/set methods in Java? I certainly do! My partner in Project Linden had written this same concept in .NET. I use it all the time when I'm working in C#. Now that I've gotten back into Java, I wanted the same tool. After a couple of hours of writing Swing I have a working version! I haven't done much testing on this, but it shouldn't mess up anything. The worst that could happen is a syntax error and your IDE will pick it up anyway. One thing to note, this program does not understand a declaration being made with a comma (private String foo, bar;).